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Anti-boredom tips.

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Hi. I’m bored. Here’s a picture of my awesome attempt with QWOP. If you think 75.5 meters is a fucking lousy excuse for a score, play the game. Link here.

fucking qwop

Apparently, people now hate reading articles without images, so I posted that.

Anyway, here are some ultra useless anti-boredom tips. I actually have nothing else to do for the next two months since I have to stay at home after being amazingly hospitalized that I withdrew from school for this sem.

1. Play QWOP.

2. Get an iPhone, and play QWOP.

3. Just head on to the link I gave.

4. Click this link, which I just actually copied from above. It links you to QWOP.

5. If you don’t like QWOP, do something else, like these:

  • this is actually the useful part.
  • no really.
  • yeah.
  • this article has no sense of coherence.
  • at all.
  • actually, you won’t get anything from this post.
  • I’m just talking to myself anyway.

That was my way of fighting boredom. Here’s yours:

  1. Go out. SERIOUSLY.
  2. Play QWOP.
  3. Play QWOP.
  4. Stop switching from Facebook’s ‘Profile’ and ‘Home’ pages. There’s not much stuff you should care about in intervals of 2-5 seconds. Even 1-2 minutes. Also, if you’re doing this late at night, why the fuck are you doing that? Here’s something for you:
  5. You can actually press SHIFT+ENTER to enter a new line without the computer reading the keypress as a command (e.g. annoy you when you want to add line breaks between bullet points and numberings on your stuff).
  6. Sleep.
  7. If you’re reading this during the day, go to the first tip.
  8. If you actually want to do something that’s computer related to kill boredom, I can’t help you with that. CollegeHumor, smosh, nigahiga, GraphJam, FailExam, and those kind of stuff help. It gets old sometimes though, with an exception of CollegeHumor and GraphJam for making fun of pop culture. Yes, fuck you pop culture. Just kiddin.
  9. Do something boring that’s productive, like writing this blog, making music, advocating something, etc. You’ll find it fun sooner or later when you actually accomplish something.
  11. Listen to other music. Stuff that’s underground are more or less good, and you’ll probably want more.
  12. I’m out of ideas. You’re on your own now comrade.


Written by kpbotbot

February 14, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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