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Define: FUCKERY (via Stunna Shades Chronicles)

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Ahh, Fuckery. Just thought about reblogging this the moment I switched the TV on and had a glimpse of national and local news. Fucking perfect match.

n. derivative of the word fuck  Absolute bullshit Shenanigans When someone or something messes up your day Utter nonsense Suspicious stunts that irritate you Things that mess with your head. A patois slang word of Jamaican origin. Means bullshit The indication of something being unfair or wrong. Unrest due to an excess of bad vibes given off by dishonesty, stupidity, fiendish demenors, or fuckerism. Something that is done just for the hell o … Read More

via Stunna Shades Chronicles


Written by kpbotbot

February 18, 2011 at 5:18 am

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