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A few days ago, I published this post out of sheer boredom when I was out of town. Basically, it talks about the iPad 2, why I don’t like it, reasons why I’d buy a laptop instead, why the dual core processor is completely pointless, the awesome tampon image joke, and a lot of other stuff.

Just a few hours ago, I checked my blog stats and found incoming search terms. I don’t get a lot of views, especially in the morning, since the day has just started (obviously). What caught my eye in the stats was this. Check above image.

“so who else couldnt get an ipad2”

Common rant.

I see these kinds of replies everywhere, especially on blogs talking about pricey products and more or less other impractical shit that come out of the net. Here’s the pattern.

  1. Guy one doesn’t like the product, and states why he doesn’t in an informative way.
  2. (Step optional) Another guy points out other facts left out by Guy one, supporting him in a way.
  3. Fanboy comes out with nothing but “You just can’t afford it”. Or “If you can’t buy it, stop complaining”, or some other similar shit.

Sure, this wasn’t in the comments, since this isn’t really a popular blog. I’m not just talking about mine anyway, but the others out there who receive numerous comments from different people whose fates are sealed into fighting with each other.

To prove to you that I’m not an Apple hater, here’s a few kudos to them:

  • Kudos for spearheading the multitouch army (you didn’t invent them, but put them into mainstream use). Resistive TSs were more popular back then.
  • The “closed” nature of iOS makes developers worry less about compatibility with other devices. Compare this with Android, where there are numerous devices and devs just have to find the lowest common denominator to make sure it’s compatible with every device.
  • Mac, for a super simple to use OS (not that I’d prefer it, but that’s what the masses need)
  • iPod touch (I’d choose this over the iPhone. ANYTIME)
  • a lot of other stuff.
  • iOS4 multitasking is quite good for those who don’t know how it works, since people wouldn’t worry about killing tasks and the like. This is a preference though, and I wouldn’t want something in my phone branded as multitasking but in the real world it just suspends my apps. Backround processing is, for me, a necessity. Some people don’t need it.

Back on topic. If you don’t have anything useful to say, save yourself the trouble and shut the fuck up. Emotion is a very bad basis on determining what you would like to do next.

Wait… what?

Emotions. If you weren’t angry, you wouldn’t flame someone else, or defend something whole heartedly from people who offended the product that you love. If you end up flaming people with the common replies like “shut up. you have no life, unlike me”, or the ones above, you’ll be bombarded with facts shoved into your face by people who you did nothing to (but that depends on the case).

Now back to the iPad.

If we don’t like the iPad 2, it doesn’t mean we can’t afford it. Some people just know which stuff are practical and which stuff are not. Some people just know which stuff are worth the price and which ones are not. Think of it this way – What can the iPad 2 do that the other i-Incarnations can’t do? Sure, there are quite a few like video calling and stuff, but that has been done way before the device’s initial conception. Video calling/chat/etc? It’s been on a lot of devices already that’s less expensive, can do much more, and has better portability (hint: starts with L or N).

There are a lot more that I can add on this post, but I’ve already done that here on my first iPad 2 post.

Think about it. Seriously.


Written by kpbotbot

March 12, 2011 at 4:55 am

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