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Battle: Los Angeles. Awesome.

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There was one thing that caught my attention after a few minutes into the movie. The aliens aren’t freakin invulnerable!

Seriously. That’s pretty much it.

What I hate about most movies is that they show extraterrestrials as something that’s invulnerable, godlike, unstoppable, physics lawbreakers, etc etc. Well, this movie doesn’t. A bit. If you don’t like mini spoilers (though I’m not really spoiling the main point of the story), you may want to watch the movie first, then come back here, which I seriously doubt that you’ll do 😛

Anyway, the aliens come to Earth and fire at will on simply everything they come across. What they really want is our water, though I really don’t know why they had to land on cities. And why the drone controller had to be in a city.

What I really like about the movie is that the aliens aren’t really overpowered and invulnerable. They’re just in a different form. Sure, they’re bodies are extremely hard, and their ships and drones are super powerful. If you compare that to ships on War of the Worlds or Skyline, B:LA ships are nothing. In WOTW, unless shot at from the back, shields deflect nearly every projectile aimed at it. In Skyline, the mothership was nuked, but still survived. The only way you could think of the movie ending is through the guy who got turned into an alien himself.

In B:LA, however, eliminating the aliens is easy, because, like humans, shooting at the heart would grant a sure kill, though shooting at other areas would make them extremely hard to kill because of the hardness of their equivalent of our flesh.

Their vehicles, too, are easy to take down. It just so happened that it looked difficult since Staff Sgt. Nantz and his men faced them without armor. Also, the aliens’ portable rocket launchers needed to be loaded and fired manually by the user. That, by the way, was the coolest weapon I have ever seen in my entire life. Period.

Lastly, the drone control station was easily defeated with two missiles. Compare that to Skyline‘s ship that survived a nuke attack and repaired itself.

I have some comments to say about the alien race that attacked the world in the movie. First, they’re idiots for not being fuel efficient. Just look at their equipment. They hover with rockets. Why not just use wheels? Their fault they ran out of fuel in their homeworld.

Second, why attack the cities? They could have concentrated their full force on just one city, and take the world piece by piece. They land on some deserted continent/island, plan a super strategic wipeout plan, then execute.

Third, they suck at strategy. Seriously.

Watch the movie. It feels like an RTS game, an awesomer version of Black Hawk Down, and your typical alien invasion movie. Personally, it’s not a 5 star, but it’s VERY VERY WATCHABLE 🙂

Wow, I forgot the profanity.


Written by kpbotbot

April 17, 2011 at 1:40 pm

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    • seriously? it looks just like a normal war movie and just imagine it as high tech guys from the future/starcraft woot vs our modern day military… its a pointless war o.o


      April 18, 2011 at 2:08 pm

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