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Over the course of just a month, I have been invited to a couple of business opportunities (my ass), and to be honest with you, I actually spent time deliberating whether or not I should join the “companies” that my friends joined. Eventually, I made a decision and said “Fuck it. That’s bullshit”.

I’m not saying that my friends have made the worst decisions in their entire lives by joining those companies. It’s just that, I don’t like how the system works. Simple as that. Besides, there is no such thing as easy money. Even if easy money does exist, it’s either you’ve worked hard in the beginning and deserve the reward of your efforts, or you’ve siphoned the hard-earned money of other people.

MLM’s? The second method of getting easy money that I have mentioned.

The first time I was invited (tricked, actually) to an orientation from an MLM company that I’m totally not going to mention (go to hell UNO), I was bombarded with information that can, and will, make people sign up. That includes the explanation of the system, how much it cares for you and your “business”, and of course, how you’re going to make shitloads of cash.

Then again, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I actually wanted to join because of the promise of money being rained on me, and the only thing that was keeping me from doing so was that I didn’t have something to invest. A week passed, and my friend pro’lly got bored of waiting for me to make a decision, and he stopped asking me. Good. Whew. Then there came another MLM company that promised the same shit, but with a smaller capital. This was where MLM people showed their true colors. Again, I’m going to keep the company name secret (Haha, Just fucking with you. It’s WON).

I’m not going to be illogical here. Here are the reasons why I think joining MLMs is pure and absolute bullshit:

1. People don’t really care about the sales, just about how much they recruit. The products are just there for the people’s capital / sign up packages. Once they’re in, they just invite a shitload of people, and those who sign up are forced to buy the shit products. They invite again, and this goes on until all people are selling each other the same bullshit. Now, it’s completely fine for me to sell products, unless…

2. The products look like they’ve come out of a cow’s asshole. They’re just there to…you know…make it look like a business where you sell products and shit. Besides, MLMs are forcing us to buy their shit, and it doesn’t really matter how their product performs against other products because you’re tied to it. In other words, you buy it because you have to and not because it’s actually good. They have no incentive to improve it.

3. You can, and you will make money lots of money… IF YOU’RE ON TOP. This is where it I feel sorry for the people who joined them. I decided not to join because that would mean tricking other people to join the pyramid.

4. Do the math. Link it to my 3rd statement. At one point, all other recruits are going to be just means to fuel those at the top. This is the part where I cry.

5. The people are “unqualified” for these businesses. All that matters is if you know people, you’re in. Nothing else. Nada.


Also, check out this vid. It’s a different company, but you get the point.


Written by kpbotbot

October 11, 2011 at 11:10 am

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