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Faith in Humanity: Minus 90%.

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Last Friday, AKA the first time I entered our Philo 25 class after 3 weeks, was the day I lost a lot more faith in humanity. Our professor likes randomly picking names, letting them stand up, and then asking them some random non-bullshit. However, that random sample of people he calls out can sometimes make me conclude how fucked humanity is. Don’t get me wrong. I like that professor.

Here are two events that made me laugh and then sigh:

Our professor: Tell me something you know and sure of that’s true.

Classmate: ….

That sort of went on for about 10 loops, until our professor finally decided to give that poor creature a break and spoon-feed a couple of clues just so that poor creature could blurt out an answer.

What a lousy human being.

I mean, seriously, how could someone not be able to answer that? One could answer with anything like the ones in the following:

  1. The world is round.
  2. You, dear sir, have a brain (and I do not).
  3. Shit comes out of our ass when we take a dump.
  4. I am a complete retard for not being able to respond quickly.

Easy, right?

The reason why that poor creature was not able to answer quick enough remains a mystery. Lack of knowledge of anything? Inexistent brain? Taking a simple question too far just because he/she likes to complicate everything? I’d go with the latter, since that is what usually happens to people. The first two can be considered valid explanations, too.

A simple question has a simple answer. Don’t complicate things. 

Our professor: ….what is true will always be true, and what is false will always remain false. For example, 1 + 1 will always be equal to 2, and nothing else.

Classmate: But sir, in our course, Computer Science, 1 + 1 is equal to 10. It’s from our lesson about the binary numeral system. 

Wow. Just wow. If  I were that person, I’d shift to a course that’s easy. What a waste of a nice course for a…nevermind.

Two reasons why this is bullshit:

Point 1:  Ok. ‘1’ in binary is ‘00000001’. If you add 00000001 and 00000001, you would get 00000010. Holy shit that’s 10!…not. To make things clear, ‘2’ in binary is ‘00000010’. There’s your 10, bitch. Convert it back to decimal before you try to sound smart.

Here’s a binary position and value table for those who can’t read binary. 

What that says is that if for every ‘1’ in a binary number, you get it’s actual value, add it up, and then there’s your decimal. For the number 2, we put a ‘1’ only on the second from the right digit, since in that “place” the actual value is 2. Everything else is ‘0’. Add them up, then you have 2 in decimal. I know I’m not good at explaining things, so give this link a shot.

Point 2: What that person did is a lot like blaming why cows can’t fly and why birds don’t have udders. Or not. Idk. Sometimes I just make things up (((:

So there you go. A lot more reasons why you should lose faith in humanity.


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November 27, 2011 at 10:43 am

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  1. […] misses the point of the simple question. How fucking stupid is that? This happened a while back which I wrote about here. This reminds me of something: 3 Idiots. A lot of people who watched it didn’t get the joke […]

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