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You are not in high school anymore.

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Apparently, our Philippine History teacher has not yet come out of his high school habits. 4 years in college and he still hasn’t realized that memorizing countless bullshit leads to nothing.


It makes me wonder how he managed to land a job as a teacher in a university.

Think of it this way: You’re busy doing important things in your life, like studying for your subjects that really matter. You put effort in them to make sure you don’t fail at all, since, you know, they matter. Then here comes ‘Philippine History’. To be specific, your ‘Philippine History’ teacher. It ruins your mood, your study schedule (if you do have one), and every single plan you have set for your ‘day off’ from school.

What I’m saying is that his requirements are ridiculously demanding for a minor subject and his teaching style unbearably  stupid.


Only 1 month has passed since the beginning of classes and we’re already due to submit our 20-minute video about President Marcos’ presidency up until the EDSA revolution. Did I say JUST VIDEO? I actually meant movie that we have to act on, find taping locations and props, and other unnecessary shit you shouldn’t be doing in a fucking minor subject.

Easy enough? Fucking NO. If the groups were composed of people who have absolutely the same schedule with not much load, then it would be easy. Unfortunately, things aren’t set that way. Not to mention it’s not easy to be running to places to tape things, especially when one scene requires A GOD DAMN AIRPLANE. Chroma-keying holds the key, but the course we chose has nothing to do with doing these. Does our dipshit of a teacher realize this? Apparently not.

Who knows what’s set for the next few months. This semester is faaaaar from over.


You don’t have to think at all! All you have to do is memorize shit and have absolutely no idea how these things relate to one another. No joke, man! Exercise your analysis skills here because there’s jackshit to do.

Here is how he does it.

He gives a lesson on class following the flow of his trusty history book. Along the way, he bombards us with fuckloads of facts that we need to remember because it’s on his really crappy quiz. We end up not following anything because there’s just too much. It’s overly filled with facts that we don’t get the general idea at all, or at least the reason behind some of the stuff.

Tomorrow, we get to take our first long qu….errr…memory test. We finally have the opportunity to play match the landmark name on the map! Soooo useful!!!1one

Idiot. That’s what maps are for, dipshit. While it’s true that it’s good to familiarize places and know ‘your own’, this….is just too much.

Oh well, at least I’ve written something after a really long time.


Written by kpbotbot

July 4, 2012 at 12:45 pm

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  1. How are you? 🙂


    July 5, 2012 at 5:36 am

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