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Why I keep my mouth shut.

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When I was little, I couldn’t go by a single minute without talking my heart out to people. I spewed out random information (and bullshit), sang, and just plain kept my mouth open right up their faces because I can. That’s a bit understandable, considering the fact that I was little and had a very naive mind. I never thought about the possibility of people talking behind my back because of my annoyingness.

Those days are behind me now, and I can pretty much say I’ve grown much since those times.

However, now that I’ve grown up and have the right things to talk about, nobody fucking listens.

What I hate the most? People who ask for my advice but never follow what I say.

For the love of fuck, what was my advice for? This has happened a lot of times already, and most of them are computer related. One example would be this one person who kept asking me which laptop to buy. I told him/her to tell me his budget, the computer’s possible range of uses, and his/her preference of brands or whatever it is that he/she wants me to not choose for him/her.

Guess where the conversation went.

Nowhere, of course!

I can’t start giving out options because there are fuckloads of laptops out there in different price ranges. I gave out something mid-ranged, and the tip that that person shouldn’t be getting an overkill laptop if he/she would use it only for Facebook, Skype, and other bullshit that we’re currently using that keeps us tied to Microsoft.

What happened?

That person has an uber-powerful laptop now that he/she uses just for Facebook, Skype, and…well, that’s it.

I have a lot of other relatives in the same boat as that I just discussed, and it’s pissing the fuck out of me.

What’s even more annoying is when my relatives talk techy things, but I can’t really correct common misconceptions because, you know, they’re older than me. I don’t even react anymore to how they praise 9000-core Intel CPUs like some sort of god. What I would say wouldn’t even:

a)  matter.

b) be understood

c) be heard.

Come on, at least be heard.

Just recently an old friend of mine had the problem of cutting the costs on buying a new PC. The sane and helpful person that I am, I suggested that he get this and that because <insert-logical-reason-here-with-proper-research>. All I got, however, was an unreasonable response saying how my choice was shit. Stick to your aging crap, dipshit.

There are still a fuckload more that I haven’t mentioned. My views on politics and religion, for example, will never be heard by the people in my family.

Besides, who am I for someone to be listening to? I’m just some random kid with its face stuck to a laptop screen.


Written by kpbotbot

July 15, 2012 at 11:37 am

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