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So I’m writing this with an iPad..

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And overall the experience is fun. I have never, in my entire life, trusted a touch-screen device to do my usual blog writing, and by usual I actually mean after a few shitty months since my brain won’t stop working after being pushed to write an article.

Typing with the on-screen keyboard is a breeze – contrary to what I expected. I sort of love the soft feeling when typing compared when using a keyboard. I don’t expect this to be a replacement though. Orgasmic feeling, but relatively slow typing speed.

“Multitasking” with the 4-finger swipe gesture is more useful than you think. Never have I used the home button with the gestures.

This is an iPad 2, by the way. With the responsiveness and smoothness of the interface, it boggles my mind what would happen if I tried out the iPad 3 with the new A6X. This is fucking pampering…

What I hate, above all things, is the locked-down operating system. I haven’t really discovered a purpose for this other than browse the web lying down, type this, and play a few games not found on Google’s Play Store. Music is out of the question, as I hate syncing with all my heart.

Jailbreaking still won’t be able to provide me the level of customization I want, nor will I be able to use relatively advanced apps compared to Android.

So no.

TL:DR – Hardware near perfect, software an abomination except for whatever it is that makes things so smooth.

This is just me though. What matters to you may differ from mine ((:


Written by kpbotbot

November 22, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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