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Why Computer Science was never my first choice

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First of all, a little disclaimer: Computer Science is a great course and I have nothing against it, but like all things, the human factor makes a very big difference.

So, without further ado, here’s a little story instead of a rant for you to better understand why I’m very, very, frustrated.

During my Computer Organization and Assembly Programming class, we were told to group ourselves with the people we were comfortable working with so we could get started on a research paper.

I chose to work with the people I was close with in class, and we started brainstorming for a topic we would be working about. A few minutes later, we came up with this: ARM Competency in Most End-user Applications.

We liked what we came up with, even though it’s not that amazing of a topic.

Then, all hell broke loose.
One of our groupmates invited his friend to join our group. I honestly don’t care about having strangers in, but this dude was the type you’d like to stay away from.

While I was explaining to my friend what ARM was, he jumped into me and my friend’s conversation, proclaiming that “ARM is free and chips are cheaper because there are no licensing fees for the manufacturer”. He then proceeded to open Wikipedia’s ARM page, hit Control+F, and highlighted the word “free”.


At least that’s what I felt inside. I tried to explain to him how ARM works, but he doesn’t listen as he felt he knew more about everyone else in the room. HE TALKS LOUD ENOUGH SO EVERYONE CAN HEAR HIS BULLSHIT AND FEEL PROUD OF HIS PSEUDO-SMARTNESS.

I then let all these go and tried to calm myself. Moments later we finished working on the paper proposal and just chilled in the computer laboratory.

Mr. Showoff’s friend then asked Mr. Showoff what his (our) topic was about. He said that we were trying to compare ARM with x86. His friend then, trying to sound a tad smarter than him, replied “ARM and x86 only?”.


I seriously wanted to sling shit at their faces, since coincidentally, I needed to go to the bathroom.

And then, in their faces riddled with shit, I’d explain the following at the loudest possible volume my voice could output:

– First of all, by x86 i meant instruction set, and not the processor family. All they know is that x86 = 32-bit, which was all Windows taught them. In spelling alone, there’s a huge difference between instruction set and processor family. Maybe they needed to go back to kindergarten?

– If they did mean instruction set when they said x86, then what else would they suggest? Unless they live in a completely different universe, only 2 architectures are on a race for low-power computing dominance: ARM and Intel’s new Atom (Medfield / Clover Trail). Which brings me to my third point:

– I’M NOT TRYING TO EXHAUST ALL EXISTING PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURES TO MAKE MYSELF SOUND SMART. Also, since x86 and ARM converge at some point in terms of performance and power use, it makes sense to compare the two.

Do you understand now why I don’t like the CS ecosystem?

Sigh. I wish I were smart/focused enough to finish Electronics and Communications Engineering. If I were I wouldn’t even have met shitty people like these.

Excuse the poor formatting. I don’t feel like using my laptop in finishing this post.


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January 4, 2013 at 1:42 pm

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