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SEO my ass.

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I remember my first few days on the internet. Surfing through the internet at astounding speeds of 50kB/s was a shitty experience at best. Shitty ISPs aside, the internet and computers in general taught me a lot of things, which, if I were without, I wouldn’t know who I am.

One of the things that don’t belong to these good learnings from the past is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). For years, I looked at the word with much disgust.

Fast forward to the present, a Google Student Developer Convention thingy I attended last week reminded me of my frustrations I thought I left behind.

Hear me me out here, for if you leave now, you’ll have a crappy image of me lol. Anyway…

I don’t actually hate SEO. In fact, I do a little shitty SEO-ing in this blog. I know and understand that by mastering this your content gets much better visibility in this ever expanding digital world.

It’s all good, yes?


Whenever I look for less popular information, like reviews of local products including smartphones, there is a 99% possibility that I get taken to some random Filipino bullshit blog filled with nothing but tags that contain my search term.

Congratulations, random Filipino site! Your contentless content is visible! Go kill yourselves for publishing bullshit on the internet.

My point is that fuckloads try to learn this powerful art without having anything important to do it with. There are actually hundreds of blogs and sites like these for proof, and all of those say they’re “internet marketers”, “tech entrepreneurs”, “SEO expert”, and many others. In fact, they’re actually “people who don’t have anything else to do in life”.

If your page has 0% of the content your “SEOptimization” tags and keywords tell search engines it has, PLEASE TAKE YOUR FUCKING PAGE OFF SEARCH ENGINE INDICES, AND IF POSSIBLE THE FUCKING INTERNET.


Disclaimer to the stupid: I am not being racist (even to my own kind). I am merely narrating my experience while looking for local content in the Philippines, and those that happen to bother me are fucking Filipino $3o oPtiMiZeD $iTez.


Written by kpbotbot

February 19, 2013 at 1:44 pm

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