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These times are frustrating. Every once in a while, I hear news that someone I know was held up – intimidated with rusty market tools, knives, and even guns into giving up their phones and wallets. Some people, despite having agreed to the thief’s demands, end up losing their lives.

I’m amazed at how brutal the world has become.

Or has it always been like this? That the value of objects priced between PHP500 to PHP30,000 can rival that of a single human being’s life?

Philosophical shit aside, I got a little paranoid. I looked up ways on how I could fight back without having to rely on my in-existent self defense skills and my in-existent super strength . Please note, however, that what I intend to fight for is not my life, but rather my stubborn pride that I never really figured out how to “calm down”. I will not accept being stolen from. I will not accept that some random idiot with a brain as small as a quark take my belongings through brute force alone. If it means taking him down with his/her heart torn out of his/her chest and force-fed to his/her mouth, then I’d happily sacrifice my life and set an example to all others who seek this as an alternative to decent, legal, and moral jobs.

I considered many options including electroshock weapons, tranquilizer darts, and ridiculously tiny handguns. I wasn’t able to test them though, as I didn’t have any spare film cameras with flash nor the necessary poisons to lace darts with. Guns and commercial tasers aren’t an option – I won’t be allowed to own one considering my hot-headed behavior (see: previous paragraph).

But what if you could talk your way out?

I imagined plenty of hold-up scenes through different scenarios, with most of them involving me not being able to fight back. Instead, I resorted to talking my way out.

This solution was the complete opposite of what I imagined doing to terrible, terrible people. If black were to white, this was my old solution to my new one. In fact, it sparked inside me hope I thought I lost – hope that in the hearts and minds of other people, the code to being human would be rediscovered.

What I would say, then, is the zeroth commandment I formulated myself, which encompasses all the other do-this-because-I-told-you-to commandments and bible bullshit:

Be not an asshole. Do not only think of yourself.

What if the thieves could see the world in your eyes? That they’d realize that if this had happened to them, they would understand how their victims feel? That deep inside them was a sympathetic soul? That they know how to put themselves in other people’s positions and think about others? That the world doesn’t revolve around them?

I’m not sure if this would work, but I see this as a solution to a shitload of problems in life, like:

1. Pollution – Ask yourself: Is it really that hard to hold on to an extremely light piece of plastic? Is the world really worth killing all because you can’t stand straining yourself with 0.1g of weight? While that piece may be small to you, imagine  accumulating the billions of others that people like you dropped.

2. Corruption – I still don’t see why people can’t put others ahead of themselves. They’d even go as far as exploiting the hard work of others for their own personal benefit. If you’ve been here before, this may be familiar as I have already written about it. Oh, politics? Same thing.

3. World hunger – If you had a hungry neighbor, what would you do? Go on with your life or do what’s human?

I know I’ve nitpicked generic problems, but if you start with the root cause, the solution chain-solves everything else.

The world needs to learn how to be human again.


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March 15, 2013 at 2:22 am

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