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Free-forming my future children

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I grew up disagreeing to millions of things my family tried to condition me with. A bulk of these involve religion, and the rest are just old people opinions stuck in the past with no consideration whatsoever that not everything stays the same.

There is absolutely nothing I can do about this.

Talking will not go anywhere, because:

  • They’re older than me, therefore I am wrong [citation needed]
  • All things set equal (age, perhaps) with the exception of spirituality, changing one’s views would be difficult. If not, impossible.
  • I don’t want to, anyway. This will break their hearts because they tried to raise me into a very religious Roman Catholic.

The least I can do, however, is to avoid making the same “mistakes  they did – force molding, as I call it.

Assuming that I do plan on getting married and having children, here are three things in my plan to free-form my future children:

1. The choice of religion will be up to him/her.

Of course, I am going to get him/her baptized as a Christian and teach him/her to love, fear, respect, and believe in God. I will not, however, drag him/her to go to Sunday masses. Instead, I will explain what the church is and why we need to be there, and the choice will be up to the kid.

Obviously, going to church is not just about kneeling, standing, sitting, and responding to whatever it is that the priest tells you to do. Going to church is being with the community and not being an asshole. The people are the church, and judging from it’s current state, most churches FAIL at that. Do note that the church is the collective term for the people in it so you can see where I’m putting the blame.


As soon as he learns to make decisions for himself, the choice to be confirmed or not is his. Does he like what he/she is seeing? Is this bullshit to him/her?

I do know that the only religion I have experience with is Roman Catholicism. I do not want him/her to have only that. My future child will experience everything and make the decision for himself on whatever religion he wants to follow. It is his life and his soul, right?

2. Life will be his to make mistakes on and learn.

Instead of writing this one hell of a long blog post, I was supposed to create a meme macro containing the text:

“I trust you and set you free into the world, and learn from the mistakes that you might make along the way”…said no parent ever.

That could have made more impact than this considering today’s attention span. I wrote this anyway, as I have a habit of doing things even though I know they trail to nowhere. *bitter remark*

Anyway, all that could-have-been macro is saying is this: Children should be set free. Not “allow them to do things to the death free”, but “recklessly safe free”.

I want my future kid to make non-lethal mistakes. A shitload of them, actually. I want him/her to learn from these at an early age, so that when he/she becomes my age (currently 20), he/she wouldn’t be too fucking ignorant of the world.

Because yes, I am ignorant and I feel extremely incompetent against those I share the world with. There are a lot of basic life shit that I had to learn by myself at a very late age. I do not want the same thing to happen to my next generation.

3. And above all, NEVER BE AN ASSHOLE

I won’t force-feed my children with the ten commandments because that’s the equivalent of saying “Hey kids! Do this because someone said so! You will go to heaven LOL!”.

Aiming for heaven is a shitty goal. Aiming to not be an asshole and being significant (good way) to the people around you is the best goal humanity’s brain has to offer (which no one ever takes).

Consider this: What if you prayed 100000000 hours on your entire life hoping for heaven, and in the end there really is none, wouldn’t your efforts be gone to waste? Isn’t it better if you did things because they were good and that they would benefit not only yourself but the people around you? And that you weren’t expecting anything in return? Like heaven?


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March 24, 2013 at 3:16 pm

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