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So I just upgraded to Windows 8…

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Last night, I got a little bored waiting for something so I decided out of nowhere to upgrade my legit Windows 7 install to a Windows 8 counterfeit – a decision that requires time to think things through. But….I was bored, so that’s justification right there. I have the keys under the laptop anyway, and I’ve reinstalled for about 3 times only so I may not hit the key counter yet (I heard somewhere that key use is limited even on just one machine).

I proceeded to upgrade to Windows 8.

Holy shit Kevin your such a fukin newb omg you upgrade not clean install and not format the C partition OMG so unclean blablablabla ew you suck noob lolz aw hehehe”

Couple of reasons for that:

  1. I didn’t have a spare flash drive. Which is actually a blessing in disguise because not having one forces me to upgrade.
  2. Upgrades are underrated, so I went with that.
  3. I didn’t have Macrium Reflect to image my drive. I’m better off with something irrevertible to Windows 7 than move everything to Windows.old then reinstall my programs.

But Kevin your still a newb lolllers lollity lols everybody knows that clean installz are better because god said so lols so noob Kevin”



Another reason why I went with an upgrade is because I wanted to see how Windows 8 performs after a while of use. Not performing a clean install does just that: an install that feels a couple of months old.

Why do I want this?


OMG again Kevin yoursuch a boob newb again lollz yer computerz and softwarez will be fasters if you do a clean install lolz Windows 8 is so faster than Windows 7 lollityyyy”.

Let me sink your ship by saying that my Windows 8 x86-64 install idles at 700MB  used RAM, the same as my old Windows 7 install. The reason why you guys are using so little is because you have no fucking apps installed YET. YOU HAVE JACKSHIT RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND. YOUR SYSTEM TRAY IS EVEN FUCKING BARE.  GIVE IT TIME AND YOU’LL IDLE AT 800MB TOO, OR EVEN MORE IF YOU’RE INCOMPETENT AT MAINTENANCE. LEARN TO FUCKING THINK. LEARN TO FUCKING FEEL YOUR COMPUTERS. 

Windows 8 is fucking overrated and I don’t see the point in Metro. FUCKING IDIOTS WHO PRAISE NUMBER INCREMENTS IN PRODUCTS. FROM THIS LOGIC WINDOWS 999999 MUST BE THE GOD OF ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS (Okay, Metro is useful on tablets where you don’t need to be bothered with resizing windows, but the stand on my number increment bullshit stays the same).

And what the fuck is the deal with this?

Windows Features_2013-04-08_20-52-40

I see two problems here:

  1. I don’t see why .NET Framework 3.5 isn’t installed. I have both Windows Live Writer and said framework installed when I was on Windows 7. Why wasn’t this migrated?
  2. Why the fuck does Windows 8 not come with the necessary runtime environments FOR THEIR OWN FUCKING APPLICATIONS?

This is bullshit, Microsoft. I don’t understand how this shitty operating system has a hold of the entire PC market.

VERDICT: Windows 7 with Metro and a negligible speed increase on both shutdown and startup (by giving you less control, of course! bye for now, archlinux).


Written by kpbotbot

April 8, 2013 at 1:06 pm

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