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Oblivion 2013 semi-review

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Awesome in a glance

Awesome in a glance

One day, while going down an escalator (Descelator? Descendor? No? Okay.) on some random mall I’ve been to, I found myself staring at this poster. “Oblivion. Tom Cruise.” it says, with the image of the waterfall-turned empire state building. This was obviously like at first sight as I’ve always loved post-apocalyptic movies partly because I want them to happen sooner or later.

In an instant I thought that this movie was worth waiting for. For 4 long months I kept staring at this poster while mounting on said escalator wondering when it will ever come out on cinemas. LOL it was there all along. “APRIL”. Yesterday I just watched this, and it felt great to have finally killed my curiosity.

The movie started by stating that it was directed by the one who did Tron: Legacy and produced by same people as Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I didn’t like the latter, so I ignored that to keep my expectations high on a movie I have been waiting for for 4 fucking months.

How was it?

I’m not a movie critic or anything, but I have only these to comment:

The movie is visually excellent. I’m the type of guy who likes movies that can suck people in. Landscapes of this post-apocalyptic world were well presented, though a little bit too lengthy compared to a lot of the other scenes. I’m not complaining – like I said, movies that suck me in and make me experience their world is an instant like. 

WARNING: SPOILERS AND POOR ORDERED-LIST FORMATTING!!!!!!! If you don’t care, carry on lol. This block of text looks like something that came out of a geocities-made website during the 1990s.

Plot-wise, I found a few problems. Even after re-reading the plot on Wikipedia in the hopes that I might have just missed something, there are some things that I couldn’t answer no matter what. These were raised after the scavengers revealed to Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) that the said scavs were actually humans.

  1. Why exactly did the “scavengers” need to disguise themselves as aliens? I never saw the point during the entire duration of the movie. I understand that they needed to capture him from the very beginning, but wouldn’t it be easier if they just showed him an actual human? Maybe not instantly, but that should spark some curiosity in him and he’ll want to look for answers. The dress-up-as-aliens plan only encourages hostility.
  2. Why the fuck did the scavs steal his bike? I didn’t see the point LOL. After they did that they could have just kidnapped Jack right then and there. I don’t know why they didn’t.

Let’s take on The Tent, shall we?

  1. Did a human Titan colony really exist? On the first half of the movie I’ve seen it as a sort of equivalent to heaven, but as Jack finally replayed Odyssey’s flight data recorder things became a little bit more “answerable”, but not clear. Turns out, it might have. Without a human colony on Titan, there would be no use for the stasis/hibernation pods where the main characters were, as interplanetary travel with current technology takes years, and it’d be best to preserve human bodies during a frustratingly long flight. Two were  then woken up early to man Odyssey’s cockpit during the inspection of the mysterious object.

    It’s a clusterfuck from this point on. If the tent were a discovery post-war against the actual aliens, there would actually be three groups in the entire story: the aliens, the tent, and the humans.

    And is “sucking planets to create fuel cells” the only purpose of existence The Tent has? Wow.

    Okay, I’ll just leave this as it is. The DVD a few months from now should help clear things out.

  2. There were a couple of people on Odyssey. Two were woken up to man the controls, while the rest remained hibernating. While they were on approach, some sort of gravitational pull or control lock forced Odyssea to enter the Tent. To spare the the others, Jack released the module that holds the rest of the entire crew and left it in near-earth orbit. I understand that it was designed to land on a specific spot on Earth, but the timing was just plain perfect. After 60 years this certain Jack Harper clone comes across it.But…why didn’t the ejected module get sucked in? If Sally (The Tent thing, equivalent to GlaDOS or HAL 9000) were smart, she/it should have figured that out. And blew the module to pieces. Or captured to create a more diverse variety of clones.

These all feel like they happened just to give the plot a little push. It’s tolerable for me, though, as it could have happened some other way, making it not one of those Deus Ex Machinas I hate with a passion.

I enjoyed the movie even after I eliminated my bias (that I like it), and if I could give it a grade, it would be a B.


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April 13, 2013 at 5:43 am

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  1. Reblogged this on James Hearth's Official Blog and commented:
    I just got pinged as a Related Article to this post! Pretty Excited Right now! I will be seeing Oblivion later on tonight sometime and will post the ending to my review afterwards.

    James Hearth

    April 13, 2013 at 10:44 am

  2. Nice article, looking forward to seeing it.


    April 14, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    • Thanks. Weren’t you spoiled a little by reading all the problems I’ve found with the movie? o.O


      April 14, 2013 at 11:56 pm

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