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Why I hate Intel (now bite-sized)

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Before you all get butthurt and go screaming random shit, let me just clarify: Intel makes great chips. PERIOD. I wouldn’t go in depth to say the AMD’s FX-8350 gets nowhere near any i7 or even an i5 for that matter.

“You find Intel great, then. Why the fuck would you hate them”, you say?

Because EVERYTHING is Intel.

On a Mac? Intel processor. On a PC? Intel processor. PC or laptop with any AMD processor? Still Intel. Android or Windows 8 tablet? Probably Intel.

Wait, what?!

AMD is an x86 licensee. They create processors that are compatible with applications compiled for Intel’s architecture, x86.

Before you all go smart-ass-ey on me…

Throw away your misconception that is “lolz x86 = 32 bit. Intel haz 64bit too lollz so stupid”. x86 is Intel’s instruction set which all the processors we know and love use, and for which our favorite proprietary apps wouldn’t run without.

To put it simply, we all “need” x86 because our apps run on it.

I’m no computer engineer, but I’m pretty sure that rewriting an application for another architecture is harder than rewriting for a different operating system. You’d understand, wouldn’t you?

Microsoft Office, the number one choice for word processing and shit that we can’t seem to let go, runs only on x86. Windows 7, x86. Photoshop, After Effects, fucking name it, x86.

We are all too reliant on x86 to let it go. Years of x86 development left Intel the only company that we run to (and throw our money to, of course). Even AMD.

“But fuck you, Kevin! Intel has 64bit I’m not listening to you because  you stupid!!!!!!!!!!”

x86-64. What does that mean? Intel x86 with 64-bit extensions. With the 64-bit extensions developed by AMD. Which makes Intel and AMD cross licensees paying each other royalty on each product they sell incorporating their respective technologies.

What hope do I have?


If they (ARM and it’s SoC-building licensees) can beat Intel’s Atom Clover Trail and succeeding processors, that is. I fucking hate those new Atoms and how they’re being put on tablets.

It seems Intel is taking a foothold on everything they come across (see: monopoly). And to be honest with you the only real advantage I see in x86-powered tablets is the fact that they can run x86 applications.

Which brings me back on our x86 over-reliance, with Intel being our sole almighty provider.

I see two ways Intel can die, with both equally unlikely to happen…

1. I make a name for myself, form some sort of AMD-ish company and take on the giant like my idol did.

2. Wait for ARM to slowly creep into Intel’s shit.

As for scenario 2, I see it happening this way:

Considering the fact that the Linux kernel supports a fuckload of architectures (Alpha, ARM, AVR32,Blackfin, C6x, ETRAX CRIS, FR-V, H8/300,Hexagon, Itanium,M32R, m68k,Microblaze, MIPS,MN103, OpenRISC,PA-RISC, PowerPC,s390, S+core, SuperH,SPARC, TILE64,Unicore32, x86,Xtensa holy shit Wikipedia) and Linux growing in popularity thanks to Android, I see Linux guys scaling ARM tech up to desktops and laptops.

Or not.

I don’t fucking know.

This is FUBAR, I guess.

Heil Intel!

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Written by kpbotbot

April 26, 2013 at 3:08 am

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