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My previous idea wasn’t implemented because of time constraints as COMELEC had barely a month since considering my plan. With this came a series of disasters, with the most prominent being Nancy Binay getting a senatorial seat. The fact that my idea didn’t come in time puts her existential mistake on my hands.

And so, I came up with something way ahead of time: a new plan for the 2016 nationwide presidential elections and for the subsequent elections if this works flawlessly, which isn’t something to be worried about because it is awesome. Did you read the title? It says “awesome election idea” and not a single “meh” or “lame” is in it.

This new election idea is basically rooted on one thing: Pinoy Big Brother. Seeings as how the show’s success can be greatly attributed to the fact that most Filipinos would would get out of their way to watch people act like complete conformists on national TV, I thought: “Why not turn politicians into housemates?”.

A voice inside me then said “Holy shit.” – my subconscious mind reaffirming me of my rightness.

In theory this would accomplish a couple of things in one awesome and fun run. Benefits compared to the boring, old way include:

  • Free publicity – With all candidates getting free air time on TV, huge-ass amounts of money would be saved by not spending for personal campaign adverts. Mother Nature is also happy here – less physical media means less pollution (unless of course one candidate doesn’t care about everybody else just to get ahead of the others, which is a huge possibility considering the nature of people)
  • Air time for debates – By forcing the masses to watch Pinoy Big Brother: Politics Edition, a substantial amount of regular voters would be turned into informed voters since the housemates are bound to argue with each other at some point – leading to debates. This way less people would be committing atrocities, like actually voting for Nancy Binay.
  • Personality exposure – Skill and personality should go hand in hand. By showing people how political candidates interact with each other on national TV, people would be aware of each’s personalities and would be able to make judgments whether a person is terrible or not. If you don’t think this is important, think of all the poor souls who voted for Nancy Binay.
  • A lot more! (because I don’t know anything about politics except the rampant bullshit)

If you’re still not convinced, think of the future. Do you really want someone like Nancy Binay be in charge of important things in our beloved country? Do you want all of us to continue going down in a downward spiral?

Funny, isn't it? Cracks me up every time.

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May 29, 2013 at 3:37 am


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I’m getting tired of political dynasties. Seriously. All my hope for this god-forsaken land are even lost. Now, I simply do not care for whatever is happening, and I plan on leaving this hellhole as soon as I can and never ever return.

But I still have one last ridiculously stupid plan up my sleeve!

I call it “The Anti Rely-On-Name-Strategy Strategy”.

It works like this: During the election season, all political candidates are required to choose their own obscure name. I, for example, must name myself something like “Dmitri Pusilik”. That name alone can be used on posters, ads, and other paraphernalia.


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April 16, 2013 at 3:35 pm

Define: FUCKERY (via Stunna Shades Chronicles)

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Ahh, Fuckery. Just thought about reblogging this the moment I switched the TV on and had a glimpse of national and local news. Fucking perfect match.

n. derivative of the word fuck  Absolute bullshit Shenanigans When someone or something messes up your day Utter nonsense Suspicious stunts that irritate you Things that mess with your head. A patois slang word of Jamaican origin. Means bullshit The indication of something being unfair or wrong. Unrest due to an excess of bad vibes given off by dishonesty, stupidity, fiendish demenors, or fuckerism. Something that is done just for the hell o … Read More

via Stunna Shades Chronicles

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February 18, 2011 at 5:18 am