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Random Time Travel BS

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A few weeks ago, I watched a single Wansapanataym episode about “time travel” on ABS-CBN. To those who don’t know what Wansapanataym is, it’s a TV show about different complaints from kids and their poorly thought-out wishes in response to their complaints (e.g. wishing that dessert was served throughout the day, and then having major problems in the long run). It’s a lot like Fairly Odd Parents, actually, only that it’s not funny, is not a cartoon, and appeals only to kids.So why did I watch? I honestly don’t know. I think I was bored from the lack of internet. Fucking ISP.Moving on.

The episode on that day was about…time travel at the very least. The story started with a little girl wanting to turn her life around from poverty by winning a singing contest. As she was singing, her top rival’s older sister sabotaged the protagonist’s performance, thus leading to her defeat.

I don’t know what exactly happened then, but at the point that I resumed watching this POS, the little girl met another little girl on top of an overpass. They became BFFs until they were about 18, I think.

Then, all of a sudden her disappointment at being poor pushed the story forward. She was wishing this and that, and for some reason a random genie granted her her wish: turn back time and prevent her younger self from being sabotaged.

And so she went back in time to save herself. When she came back to the present, her house looked extremely different. Her house turned from one giant pile of crap into a fucking mansion. Holy shit did her wish come true.

Did you miss something?

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Written by kpbotbot

January 15, 2013 at 3:08 am