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Not a “we are the youth” cliche post

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Are you tired of your teachers shamelessly forcing their opinions on you and your classmates? Annoyed by bank tellers treating you as mere clients instead of humans? Frustrated from not winning over public transportation brawls versus everyday assholes?

As a part of the youth destined to replace their generation, I am pleased to inform you that…

There is nothing you can do about it!

Throughout the years I have hated people to a point that I would rather have the world end than continue living with piles of crap in human form. I have lost all hope. I found no point in dealing with shit when I was convinced that everything was FUBAR.

But I forgot one very important factor.

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September 10, 2013 at 3:26 am

Open letter to girls – #1

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Biggest Fucking Turnoff: The unforgivable act of bitching about how all guys are the same.

I’m not saying we’re not all the same, nor am I agreeing that we all are. All I’m saying is, be fucking logical. Why do you say so? Have you dated everyone? If so, and if your collected data says we’re all the same, then go ahead and share to the entire world your exciting discovery and eventually rid the Earth of humans. If not, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

All I have to say is this – You’ve dated an asshole. 1 in a fucking billion. How the hell is 1 stupid fuck a representative of the entire male population? Even if you gather forces with other girls and say all of you had assholes as boyfriends and shit, who says you are the only females in the world?

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December 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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