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Free-forming my future children

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I grew up disagreeing to millions of things my family tried to condition me with. A bulk of these involve religion, and the rest are just old people opinions stuck in the past with no consideration whatsoever that not everything stays the same.

There is absolutely nothing I can do about this.

Talking will not go anywhere, because:

  • They’re older than me, therefore I am wrong [citation needed]
  • All things set equal (age, perhaps) with the exception of spirituality, changing one’s views would be difficult. If not, impossible.
  • I don’t want to, anyway. This will break their hearts because they tried to raise me into a very religious Roman Catholic.

The least I can do, however, is to avoid making the same “mistakes  they did – force molding, as I call it.

Assuming that I do plan on getting married and having children, here are three things in my plan to free-form my future children:

1. The choice of religion will be up to him/her.

Of course, I am going to get him/her baptized as a Christian and teach him/her to love, fear, respect, and believe in God. I will not, however, drag him/her to go to Sunday masses. Instead, I will explain what the church is and why we need to be there, and the choice will be up to the kid.

Obviously, going to church is not just about kneeling, standing, sitting, and responding to whatever it is that the priest tells you to do. Going to church is being with the community and not being an asshole. The people are the church, and judging from it’s current state, most churches FAIL at that. Do note that the church is the collective term for the people in it so you can see where I’m putting the blame.


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March 24, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Making the world a better place.

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These times are frustrating. Every once in a while, I hear news that someone I know was held up – intimidated with rusty market tools, knives, and even guns into giving up their phones and wallets. Some people, despite having agreed to the thief’s demands, end up losing their lives.

I’m amazed at how brutal the world has become.

Or has it always been like this? That the value of objects priced between PHP500 to PHP30,000 can rival that of a single human being’s life?

Philosophical shit aside, I got a little paranoid. I looked up ways on how I could fight back without having to rely on my in-existent self defense skills and my in-existent super strength . Please note, however, that what I intend to fight for is not my life, but rather my stubborn pride that I never really figured out how to “calm down”. I will not accept being stolen from. I will not accept that some random idiot with a brain as small as a quark take my belongings through brute force alone. If it means taking him down with his/her heart torn out of his/her chest and force-fed to his/her mouth, then I’d happily sacrifice my life and set an example to all others who seek this as an alternative to decent, legal, and moral jobs.

I considered many options including electroshock weapons, tranquilizer darts, and ridiculously tiny handguns. I wasn’t able to test them though, as I didn’t have any spare film cameras with flash nor the necessary poisons to lace darts with. Guns and commercial tasers aren’t an option – I won’t be allowed to own one considering my hot-headed behavior (see: previous paragraph).

But what if you could talk your way out?

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March 15, 2013 at 2:22 am

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The church is not a god damn bank!

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These past few weeks I haven’t been able to go to church. No big deal, because I don’t really like attending masses anyway. Whenever I get woken up to prepare and “celebrate”, I just do that one primal thing we’re biologically programmed to do when we are still sleepy and forced to wake up: go the fuck back to sleep.

Because of that I haven’t been able to attend mass for quite a while, including this day.

I know that sleep is something that can be easily conquered when you have the initiative to pull yourself together and do things you’re supposed to do. Unfortunately for church-going, I don’t have that said initiative.

So what happened?

Considering the fact that I live with extremely religious grandparents, I got a mini-sermon saying: “What you deposit is what you get. I’m not forcing you to go to church”. (It’s something like that. I just translated it)

Holy shit.

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August 5, 2012 at 3:14 am

A funny joke

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Seriously, when will this shit stop? For the love of fuck, guys…

Here’s some more if you like torturing yourself with crap: LOL and LOL. Also, worth reading here.

If you come to think of it, I actually shared it. So Jesus for me lol.

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May 7, 2012 at 12:31 pm

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Religious people who never put theories into practice should die.

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Ironically, ideas spring into my mind not when I’m trying to think hard, but when I’m doing the most mundane of tasks. It has become a habit for me to check on my phone whilst  eating. Just now, I stumbled upon this image which I thought was “generic”(but slightly isn’t), like these found here and here.

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April 21, 2012 at 4:58 am

Religion bullshit.

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Having spent the majority of my life with the most religious people in our family, I find it kind of ironic that I didn’t become as religious as them. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a thing for questioning everything religious that we do. Why this? Why that? What’s the point? What for? What difference does it make?

From the moment I started to have an understanding of things until just this year I have been quiet about things. Only now did I have the courage to write about it. Specifically, write something against my religion.

Why? Simply because all of this is bullshit.

To pump-prime this “discussion”, here’s a video for your viewing pleasure:

Good job at the “loving your neighbor” part there!

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March 24, 2012 at 5:28 am


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This bullshitry has to STOP.  There are a lot more of these stuff, but I’ve erased them from my mind a few seconds  after seeing them  (I don’t like junk stored in my brain), so I can’t show more than what’s here.

Why do I find this stupid, you ask? Check here. Also, I really just don’t give a shit. Share or no share, I’m on the good side of things.

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January 14, 2012 at 2:33 pm

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